Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday Night Live (with the Dooleys)

Things have been kinda mixed for us as 2012 kicked off... no sooner did the new year start than I wound up with the sniffles, which graduated into full-blown pestilence. And its timing could not have been more perfect, as I had scored fairly good tickets to the Saturday night Pacers game, the first one we've attended in almost four years. The Charlotte Bobcats were in town, and it was great to see most every seat in the Conse- er, sorry, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, filled, whereas over the past four years you couldn't get people to come to the games with a shotgun. Even the security people and Fieldhouse ushers were just super enthusiastic, some remarking to us just how much fun it was to see the crowds back and the love for the Pacers along with them. Many, many props to Coach Frank Vogel, who turned what was once the NBA laughing stock into a team to be feared come playoff time. 

Dee and I made a night of it in downtown Indianapolis, taking in dining at the Hardrock Cafe, then doing a little sightseeing at the Circle Center Mall, while desperately ducking at least a dozen ticket scalpers. I was feeling much better by gametime, and with the 20 pounds I'd taken off over the last few weeks, my legs weren't as sore from the stair climbing and the several blocks of walking we did.

Not only did we get to see the Pacers come from behind during the second half and deliver a sensational 22-point lead at the end of the game (this despite a fearful injury in the third quarter to Ron Hibbard's ankle that put him out of the game... until he came roaring back in the fourth), we got coupons for free milk shakes at Steak and Shake! Perfect end to a perfect day.