Sunday, March 25, 2012

MARK AND DEE - The Journey Part 22

MARK AND DEE - The Journey Part 21

Sunday, March 11, 2012

MARK AND DEE - The Journey Part 16

MARK AND DEE - The Journey Part 15

Yeah, you're not imaging things... after nearly a year, THE ACTUAL, SEMI-TRUE ADVENTURES OF MARK AND DEE is relaunching, taking up where it left off when my direction got quite de-railed over various reasons...

1. Not happy with how my art and the story in the comic was working out.

2. Dealing with not only my own health situation but also that of my mom, whose health has been up and down over the past year.

3. Our financial situation over the last year got me in a real deep depression.

What's changed?
1. I took this last year to work out the story and do a lot of improvement to my artwork, using new techniques, learning more about cross-hatching and shading and bringing it to the comic strip. Thanks to my own art text books and the invaluable Showcase Presents Batman Vol. 5 where I sat at the feet of the masters (Adams, Novick, Giordano, Brown, and Giella) and studied. The results will become apparent in the next few episodes.

2. We both got better.

3. We paid off a huge debt we've owed for years, freeing much monthly income. Still more debt to pay, but we're finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.

So, newly re-energized and eager to pick up where I left off, and in the tradition of the great Lee Falk...


As Mark prepares for his trip to Los Angeles to meet with a publishing firm interested in his comic strip, his best friend Mickey Walton, prepping his newly acquired comic shop for a grand opening, is abruptly whisked away to England by his girl friend antiquities dealer Tandy Breckinridge. There, Mickey learns much about Tandy... that her family holds an aristocratic title, a sprawling mansion near London, and have a job for Mickey to take on, which, for now, is a secret....