Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Going to be a Happy Day

Sorry I've been away for a while, especially with any rambling comments I have, but we've hit a rough patch here financially this last couple of days, culminating in what looks like a very expensive car repair bill, of which I have no clue as to how we'll pay it. And the car being sick comes at a really bad time, as my brother Kenny is going in for some outpatient surgery in Indianapolis to fix the rotater cup of his shoulder. This means he won't be able to drive for about a month or more, and he is the one who takes Mom in for her dialysis Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with myself on Mondays and others the following days getting her back home. So they're dependent on me to pick up Mom early those three days.

I'm heading over to my regular mechanic later today to see if there's anything he can do, but even he has told me that it's time for a new car. If our finances weren't so entangled in paying off debt for at least the next three months, I wouldn't even hesitate. So we have to keep the old Lumina going as best we can until at least August. So there's where we are.

Meanwhile, I have to pray that the car holds up well today, as I have to pick up Mom, get her to the foot doctor, then double back to the other side of town to get her to her regular doctor, go pay a storage shed bill, then get her home, as well as myself. I have a feeling this might be too much for the old girl at one time, but we'll have to take it on faith that we'll get through.

The only good thing that I see coming out of today is that I'll have some new MARK AND DEE episodes posted later this afternoon, and I'm winding down the number of backed-up TV shows and movies I have on my DVR. Oh, yeah, plus Young and the Restless. From what I've heard, Patty's little switcheroo with Emily pretty much collapses this afternoon.

God, what I wouldn't do for a big ol' fish sandwich from Ye Old Fish Shop today. But due to all the road construction down by their way, the shop is closed until June.

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