Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dog Days of Summer? I Don't Think So...

Everyone keeps yakkin' about the Dog Days of Summer, like its supposed to be a misery. Well, I have a slightly higher opinion after the last couple of days. First off, in just a few weeks, the NFL will be playing pre-season football, with the lockout finally ended and everybody scurrying to get as much practice-time in as they can. And the amazing generosity of Peyton Manning, willing to give a sizeable chunk of a record-setting contract to ensure that key players that were part of his success will be there... that's just too cool.

And then, on August 27th, Doctor Who returns with the final six episodes of the season that will wrap up the search for Melody, the secret mission of the Silence, the return of the Weeping Angels, the Cybermen and their long-lost sidekicks the Cybermats, and what may be the final curtain for Rory Williams. And what about that clown with the balloon?

Much to ponder over as we wrap up this hot, hot summer with cool, refreshing, excitement.

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