Monday, February 22, 2010

Done with work for the day!

I had a three hour shift today at my mundane job at Subway, just filling in some time while the manager took the day off and others came in in her place. Of course, we couldn't leave scott free without it leaving a mark, and as sure as God makes the little green apples, minutes before I left I cut my left pinky on the vegi slicer. That's always a good signal that you've been working too hard.

So I'm back home after picking up Mom from dialysis and a foot doctor appointment, and here is where I'll stay. I'll be working on the next batch of Mark and Dee strips, finishing an overdue Gallifreyan Gazette for the Indiana Doctor Who fan club The Whoosier Network, and do a little more experimenting with the logo for my blog. The one I've just placed is okay, but I'm certain I can make it a whole lot more attractive. I may even be up for a name change. We'll see how the day progresses.

Also, I'm trying to get through some new movies from Netflix: Coraline, which ought to be the Oscar-winner for Best Animated Feature (but will undoubtedly be beaten by Up)and Knowing with Nicholas Cage. What can I say, I gotta get geared up for Kick-Ass with Nick as Big Daddy. Just a little over a month away!

Oh, yeah, and spend the rest of the day with the woman I love. Hope the wife doesn't find out....


Man, Dee, don't you think vengeful wives with frying pans are a little cliche?

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