Monday, February 15, 2010

Operation Snowdrift: Phase 2

Okay, there is one thing I don't like about this snow: shoveling it twice in one day. But at least the falling snow is leveling off and I was able to get the driveway cleared off, as well as the walkways out front and leading from the back of the house to the side garage door.

Meanwhile, I finally got through the two episodes of Human Target (which seems to be getting better with each episode), today's installment of Young and the Restless (it's the only thing that Dee and I can agree on watching now that we're both home in the evening), and I'm working on last week's Leverage and hopefully squirrel away two episodes of Ugly Betty before we hit the sack.

Tomorrow evening I should have the final installment of Star Trekkin' wrapped up and on the blog. Hope you tune in then!


  1. So what (other shows) do you watch, and what does Dee watch? If you answer, I'll post a similar list on my blog.

    Tony Collett

  2. Well. my wife is a lifelong, card-carrying member of the Walker:Texas Ranger fan club, as well as Young and the Restless, the Cosby Show, and, God save my soul, Family Matters. She can't get enough of Steve Urkel. In fact, she's thrilled to pieces that the guy who played Steve's best friend on the show is now playing Neil Winters' estranged brother Malcolm. I keep expecting Urkel to show up at any minute...

    As for the shows I watch -

    Monday: Chuck, Heroes, 24, The Big Bang Theory, Damages

    Tuesday: American Idol, Lost

    Wedneaday: Human Target, Modern Family, American Idol, Glee (when it returns), Leverage, Ugly Betty

    Thursday: A day of rest, until "V", FlashForward, and Fringe return.

    Friday: Batman: Brave and the Bold, Smallville, Kitchen Nightmares, Medium

    Saturday: At the Movies (when it's scheduled), BBC America's Sci-Fi block

    Sunday: Another day of rest.

    Daily: Young and the Restless, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Deal or No Deal, the Daily Show, Late Show with David Letterman, Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson

  3. I was waylaid Monday night and Tuesday, but I always keep a promise: