Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Sunday

Man, am I glad it's Sunday...

We had a great time in church today, with many people giving testimonials on the miracles in their lives, including my Mom, who didn't have to undergoe any furthur invasive surgery for her clogged heart valves and was watched over by the same very caring nurse who helped her get through a very trying stress test a few months ago. She also got her new orthopedic shoes this week after two seperate bungles, and she says they're just perfect.

Even I had to step up and give thanks for all the extra time I put in this last couple weeks which put my usual paycheck way over what I had expected. And then we both got to pray and bless other folks all in lots worse shape than we are. Great service today, very emotional.

Finished up the last of the backlogged shows on my DVR... two weeks worth of Lost. Here's what I'm figuring... the bomb actually created two seperate realities... one where all our heroes are still on the island (only now in one time and one place) and another where Oceanic never went down and everyone went on their seperate ways and resumed their lives. But the fact that their lives in the latter reality continue to crisscross, and that Jack in the "normal" reality can't account for some of the nastier scars on his body, especially his appendix scar, leads me to believe that there is one hell of a bang heading our way.

Anyway, it was great to see Veronica Hammel back on TV again and still looking foxy freaky hot at 60+ years old playing Jack's mom.

Have two fully inked Mark and Dee strips and two more with fine-line work waiting for brushwork. Unfortunately, I have to go buy a new inking brush tomorrow as the hair tips warped, rendering the brush unusable. Fortunately, Hobby Lobby is just down the road and their prices are next to none.

If all goes right tomorrow, we might go check out the "Book of Eli" still playing at the Kerasotes. Brother Tim gave it a real high recommendation, so I think we might take a chance.

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