Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to the Grind....

Well, back to work today. Fortunately, I got nearly everything done yesterday that I set out to accomplish... the February Gallifreyan Gazettes are in the mail to our Whoosier Network members, got through a lot of the videoes I rented from Red Box and Netflix, and got a brand new brush for inks I'm just crazy to break in. Hopefully, I'll be out of there by 3:00 today and get the March GG wrapped up this evening, plus catch the Monday runs of Big Bang Theory, 24, and Damages and get them out of the way.

Also, I'm looking forward not only to tonight's American Idol, Lost, and The Good Wife, but also the new version of Parenthood, produced by Ron Howard, Brian Glaser, and Jason Kitims, who has been showrunning my very favorite sports drama Friday Night Lights. Tuesdays are starting to become as full a deck as Mondays.

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