Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend I Really Needed

I am soooo worn out....

Very big, very busy weekend, lots of highs, lotsa lows, but it definitely kept me hopping. First off, I have to give a shout out to my computer guru, Randy, for helping me out with new hardware for the Black Beauty (the nickname for my computer), and a nasty advertising virus that glommed up just about everything afterward. To paraphrase the late, great Zelda Rubinstein, "This computer... is clean."

Terrific meeting with the Whoosier Network, and, as mentioned earlier, what a thrill it was as a group of science-fiction fans, to look up in the sky and see, in real life, something that not very long ago was considered science-fiction, and is now science fact.

The Oscars had some great moments Sunday, but was pretty much excrutiating to get through, and sad to say, it didn't help that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin was just one awkward pairing. Neil Patrick Harris, the Music Meister himself, did a fantastic opening number, and he's got my vote to host the whole damned thing next year.

So... on this Monday and a special day off, I'm finishing up some DVD recordings, begin coloring and lettering the new Mark and Dee serial, right now known as "The Letter", pick up Mom from dialysis, and work on the new posterboard for the Whoosier Network meetings. Lord knows, it'll all be over with by tomorrow morning and my return to a full week of hard work at my mundane job. You gotta make every free moment count.

Yeah, and watch today's Young and the Restless. Sue me.

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