Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Y & R Fans... Take a Break Today

Okay, Young and the Restless fans.... yesterday, the suspense built to an almost unbearable level, as nearly everyone to whom Adam Newman had done dirty put aside their own animosities toward one another to bring the little buggerer to heel, ending with Adam being lured out to the Abbott cabin by Sharon and quickly getting slugged into unconsciousness (presumably by his own father, Victor). It's obviously all leading up to daytime TV's biggest intervention....

And I can tell you you'll see none of it today. So if you have anything to do between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM, that will be a great time to do it. Because as sure as James Cameron knows where the blue food is, you will see absolutely none of that storyline today. The focus will be entirely on all the other storylines not tied to the Abbotts and the Newmans; Jena's capture and Lauren's torture at the hands of Daisy and Ryder, Caine's fate at his immigration hearing, the ongoing thaw between Tucker and Katherine, Lily's lab results, and Chance's continuing investigation into his frame-up.

So if you don't like those storylines, and/or you don't want to feel cheated out of what promises to be one of the highlights in the history of Y & R, don't even bother to tune in today. Cancel it out on your DVR, or take it off your VCR's programming schedule. I'm just trying to head off the crashing disappointment I know everyone out there's going to feel if you're expecting the Adam Intervention and it's nowhere to be found...

But, by diddily dern, I'd run over my own mother to see what's going to happen Thursday.

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