Friday, March 12, 2010

Will she or won't she...?

As I predicted, the entire Adam debacle on Young and the Restless was skipped over Wednesday to get everybody revved up for what proved to be a big nailbiter for both Thursday and Friday. Every one who ever got crapped on by Adam (which would be half the friggin' cast) showed up at the cabin to interrogate Adam about what he has really been up to all this time.

I personally was hoping that this would all take place back at the Newman ranch and that Victor would knock down a few brickwalls to reveal that torture chamber he kept in the basement waaaaaayyy back in the 1970's. But I would think that having Heather and Rafe there, being officers of the court, for the proceedings would have complicated things if Victor felt inclined to putting Adam in it. "Uh, Victor, why do you have a torture chamber in your basement?"

What we didn't see coming (and what seems to me to be a last ditch effort to wring the last little drop of suspense from this whole deal) is that Phyllis, Nick's wife who has had her own little history with honesty, has headed off a lawyer in possession of a last minute confessional from the evil Dr. Taylor to Ashley he dictated before he died that confirmed the whole baby switch that Adam is responsible for.

Phyllis, as cool as she has been of recent, is trapped in a rock in a hard place... doing the right thing and bringing this letter to everyone's attention and risking that Nick and Sharon may get back together, or remain silent and hope that the baby switch never comes to light. We were left with Phyllis preparing to torch the letter outside the cabin.

For what it's worth, I think Phyllis is going to step up to the plate and reveal that letter. Her character has come such a long way from her villainous origins, especially concerning her working with her son to save Amber last year. She has used her dirty tricks on the side of the angels in the past couple of years, and fans have firmly stood behind her when it's come to dealing with the whole Nick/Sharon mess.

And yeah, it's probably going to wreck her marraige to Nick. I say dump the guy and hook back up with Jack when the whole deal with Emily/Patty falls apart.

But that's a mess for another day...

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