Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phyllis Comes Through!

Well, the big Friday finale came and went with Phyllis Newman not torching the damning letter that has sealed the deal on Adam's skullduggery once and for all. Sadly, with the baby switch now out in the open for everyone save Ashley, who's in complete denial that her Faith is actually Sharon and Nick's baby, Phyllis went back home to her little girl, unsure of what will happen to her marraige. Nick returned shortly after, and Friday's climax left them pondering what would be next.

Quite frankly, after the many ringers that Sharon had put me through, I would take that luscious redhead in my arms, tell her how much her amazing sacrifice meant to me, then carry her straight upstairs and stay there for a week.

Okay, I wouldn't carry her. The woman stands at least a head taller than me on her bare feet. My back would snap like a twig, not to mention the obligatory hernia.

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